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Interviewing doesn’t require you to be someone you’re not. It requires you to be who you are. The Interviewology Profile Assessment helps you to figure out who you are.

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Take the 10-minute assessment to get your Interviewology Profile and see if you are a Charmer, Challenger, Examiner, or Harmonizer.

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A groundbreaking guide to mastering the job interview, offering proven advise and techniques to develop a self-awareness or that is key to interviewing better—for those on either side of the table.

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Anna Papalia delivers a self-guided curriculum that helps you prepare according to your specific interview style.

Benefits of Interviewology


Profile that outlines what you are doing right and wrong. Not everyone interviews the same way. Giving everyone the same advice doesn’t work. We believe that in order to teach people how to interview we must first figure out what’s holding you back, help you understand your interview style and give you tools and tips on how to improve.


Over 99% of clients say the assessment reveled their style.  Our methodology rests not on educated guesses, but on informed decisions based on data. We are scientists, researchers, and trainers. We can teach you the science of interviewing.


We give you everything you need to nail your next job interview. Everyone improves with coaching, preparation, and practice. You will too, if you have the right guide and right coach to help you on your interviewing journey.

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About the Founder Anna Papalia

Anna Papalia knows that an interview can change your life… As a former Director of Talent for Fortune 500 companies, taught at the Fox School of Business, and career coach who has worked with over 10,000 clients and has gained 1M+ followers on social media, she uncovered why conventional interview prep doesn’t work and what it takes to nail the interview.

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