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Understanding interview styles – both yours and others – helps you hire smarter.

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Utilize our scientifically validated Interviewology Profile to identify how you behave in interviews.


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Which one of the four interview styles are you? What type is your applicant? Find out with the 10-minute assessment.


Discover Your Interview Style

How do you interview? Unlocking new levels of self-awareness can help you feel more prepared and hire better.


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Use your personalized interview profile with research-backed expert advice to help you:

  • Discover your interview style strengths and weaknesses
  • Showcase your qualifications
  • Feel more comfortable in interview situations
  • Ask the right questions during interviews
  • Use time to your advantage
  • Interview with your opposite
  • And more…


Interview with Confidence

When you master self-awareness and have confidence in what you are looking for, you hire smarter.

What Our Clients Are Saying

You are not bad at interviewing you are just unprepared.

Get an Interviewology Profile to prepare for your next round of interviews.

What's Included?

In your personalized Interviewology Profile report, you’ll receive a comprehensive, 40-page workbook that includes:

Buy One, Give One

When you invest in yourself, you also invest in other. For every Interviewology Profile we sell we donate one to someone who was recently incarcerated through our partnership with JEVS.

Interviewology Profiles are Validated & Certified

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