What do you do right?

An obvious approach in achieving a goal is to uncover what isn’t working. Just as important however is figuring out what is. All too often clients hire me because they have hit a wall and feel as though they can’t get any further because of x, y and z. I usually ask them to tell me what their greatest accomplishments have been thus far. Where in your life are you natural?

Everyone of us has an area in our lives that needs work and everyone of us has an area that we excel. Think back to your greatest accomplishments and dissect all the things that made it so. Was it your natural sense of humor, your ability to crunch numbers, your ease in a crisis? What is your success language? Accomplishing a goal doesn’t just teach us that we can succeed it teaches us HOW we succeed and that is the real lesson.

Anna Papalia is the Founder & CEO of Shift Profile. Drawn from her 15-plus years of experience in corporate recruiting, talent acquisition, training, and human resources she has developed SHIFT profile an industry leading assessment, for job seekers and hiring managers to identify their interview style. Since launching SHIFT in 2011, Anna has served both private clients on an individual basis and large consulting projects with universities and corporations including Lincoln Financial Group and Temple University. She has helped students, entrepreneurs, senior executives, and job seekers of all ages shift into meaningful careers, gain confidence, prepare for interviews and negotiate job offers. 

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