Shift Profile 5 Tips on How to Hire Better

Download the PDF here, 5 Tips To Hire Better

“After teaching over 10,000 people how to interview better, I know one thing for sure. No one gets worse at interviewing, everyone gets better the more you do it.” -Anna Papalia CEO Shift Profile

1. Take it Seriously- Small business owners minimize interviews by not preparing and not thinking about what they want ahead of time. Instead, elevate the interview process. Coaching Tip- The most important business decisions are made in interviews!

2. Decide Ahead of Time- A salesperson is much different than an operations person and the recruiting strategy to find each one is different. Figure out who you need, sit down and write a proper job description, and then cast a wide net Coaching tip- You can’t just rely on your friends to refer you people. You gotta put it out there- post it on Indeed.

3. Trust the Process- Before you speak to any candidates, prepare ten insightful questions to ask. Ask everyone the same questions. Now you can compare them equally and move the best 3-5 applicants onto the next round, an in-person interview. Coaching tip- Preparing great questions is key. There are five types of interview questions: Standard, Technical, Brain Teaser, Behavioral and Personality. Get your Shift Profile for more resources and a list of the best interview questions to ask.

4. Don’t Talk too Much- The number one mistake hiring managers make is they talk too much. An interview is a test and should be conducted like a test, ask a question and wait for the answer (this can be painful for some people!) Coaching Tip- We all interview differently. To discover your interview style go to

5. Check References- After all of the work you’ve put in, you may feel ready to move forward with one candidate, but don’t forget the references! Coaching Tip- Never hire someone without checking their references and Googling them!

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